Xmas Fuzz

Damn, didn't we just do this? Feels like we just shot this video postcard yesterday. Well, for those who didn't see it, here you go. And if you haven't yet, slip into the music page on the site and download A Super Fuzzy Xmas for free. Listen to it on your way to work. Listen to it AT work. Share it with your workmates and share it with your boss - it will surely be the gravy that finally gets you that promotion you've been striving for all year long. Listen to it during rush hour traffic on your way home. Sing it to the Miami Dade police officer who pulled you over for bobbing your head at the wheel. You'll surely be acquitted of any wrong doing. Share it with the homeless and share it with your parole officer. He'll be sure to let you off the hook for prying that ankle bracelet off you when you used it as a bottle opener. It's amazing just what a little Super Fuzzy Xmas can do for you if used as prescribed.

We're still mixing the new album. Perhaps we'll give you a sneak peek for Christmas. I don't know. Let's see how much egg nog we consume in the next 18 days.
If we don't post by then, have a very happy christmas and remember to tip your bail bondsman this year!

The Super Fuzz


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