Wanna Be In The New Video?

The Super Fuzz is ready to produce their first video for their new CD release, Super Famous, and they need your help. We're looking for a few dozen of you who might have some choice words for your ex. Or, perhaps your soon-to-be ex. You may have some unfinished business or maybe you just wanna tell them off. Maybe you want to let them in on a little secret that will set things straight. Why leave it to Hallmark when you can flip them off in a music video? We need no more than 15 seconds of you holding a cue card with ideally no more than 12 words. We encourage you to get creative but we ask that you do not use any names – we will not include any clips with names in them. 

We do ask that you consider lighting, and encourage you use your phone's highest video setting when shooting. Also please keep your video in horizontal orientation. If you want to dance around or if you want to show us how you write on the cue card, it's all good so long as we can read the finished product clearly. 

Please send your 15 second clip by May 15th to:


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