The Super Fuzz has been hard at work on the follow-up to their debut, Art Noise.
The unyet titled album (actually we have come up with a title but we need to sober up to decide if we're keeping it).
Some of the new material is seeping into recent live shows.
Friday night, The Super Fuzz opened for Sister Hazel at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL to a welcoming crowd.
The band delivered polished versions of some of the new tracks:
1. Surprised Your Boyfriend's Still Around (this is not what you think it's about)
2. Speedball Goony
3. Enough Was Said
A couple of photos from the show are posted to the right.
You can find more on our Facebook page.
We hope to have some more in the coming days.
For now, keep jammin Art Noise......

Rock'n'Roll baby

The Super Fuzz

JINGLE PUNKS think we're groovy.... 


Jingle Punks are what you'd call the new kids on the block of music licensing agencies. We like to call them the hot kids on the block.... because they're handsome, and because everyone's talking about them and every tv show likes to work with them. They also happen to be some really cool cats. But back to what's important.... They've just announced their Top 21 (why 21? why not say 20... or 10, or 30? Does it have something to do with Black Jack? or with the legal drinking age in most states?) NEW ARTISTS OF 2013. We thank them for having such delectable taste in music! ....and for using a picture of us where we're not holding an open container! This is a great way to end 2013 and start the new year! From all us Fuzzies to all of you and everyone at Jingle Punks, keep jingling and keep drinking! Cheers!


No Permanent Scarring Intended 

Our video postcard for A Super Fuzzy X-Mas is now available!
And the MP3 is a free download on this site.
We hope we've only caused minor damage for Christmases to come.
We had bottles of fun putting this together and we hope it's as much fun for you to watch as it was for us to produce.
Enjoy your holidays and say hi to your mom!
And, for our Jewish constituents and Aaron (who forgot to bring the menora to the shoot), a much delayed Happy Hanukkah!

The Super Fuzz


hey Fuzzies,
wanted to update everyone on progress of our new cd we have been recording. As of now we have 7 songs tracked with 6 more to go.
We are planning on knocking out all basic tracks (drums/bass/guitar) by next week giving us a total of 13 brand new "Fuzzy tunes".
Next step will most likely be guitar overdubs along with all the vocals and harmonies (which we love to do).
This will take place during the holidays, so we are looking at an early 2014 release as of now.
The band is very excited about the new material and we are itching for you guys to hear it.
In other news, The Fall video has been shot and is still in the process of being edited, We are hoping to have it out before this year is up so stay tuned for that.
That's what's up for now brothers and sisters
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cheers mates


 hello Fuzzys

Just got back from our most recent mini-tour adventure through LAKELAND,TAMPA and CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. 
Very happy to say the shows went amazing and we got some new Fuzz fans along the way. Look for more dates coming soon throughout the state in the coming few months.

Also wanted to let you guys know we are 4 songs into the new SUPER FUZZ cd. The new song titles are YOUNGER DAYS, SPEEDBALL GOONEY, ENOUGH WAS SAID, and LOVE EVERYONE.  We are very happy about working with producer RYAN SAMBROOK and the material is sounding fantastic. 
Last but not least, we finally shot the new video for the song THE FALL a  few weeks ago before we left on tour and it's in the process of being edited.
We hope to have that up in the coming weeks

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much love


New Shows, New Songs 

 The Super Fuzz has been booking some new shows in South Florida and are planning to return to the central part of the state very soon.  
Most notably is an appearance with our friends Green Jello at the 8th Annual Florida Supercon: Miami's convention for everything comic books, video games, science fiction, etc. Supercon returns to Miami Airport Convention Center. The Fuzz and Green Jello perform on Sunday, July 7th starting at 8 pm. For details, log on to 

The Super Fuzz has recently added brand new material to the set, likely to appear on their following album.
"Speedball Gooney" taps into the group's sense of upbeat, reckless abandon while "Enough Was Said About Me" is a more reflective, down tempo piece. Over twenty songs have already been written and demoed for the follow-up to Art Noise so you don't be surprised if more new music makes its way into the next few shows. 

See ya there... And Happy 4th of July!


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